Thursday, June 3, 2010

Raspberry Pretzel Dessert

I had this dessert for the first a little over a year ago . . . at a funeral. I must have had 3 or 4 servings of this raspberry treat! My kids have actually eaten food they claim that they "DO NOT LIKE" in order to be able to eat this dessert. This is saying a lot . . . as it seems like a lot of times, my kids are perfectly fine going to bed hungry if they don't like dinner. I have a "take it or leave it" policy . . . so . . . okay you get the picture. I hope you enjoy this one, it's great for summertime!

2 C. crushed pretzels
4 TBS. sugar
10 1/2 TBS melted margarine or butter
8 oz cream cheese, softened
1 C. powdered sugar
12 oz. Cool Whip
2 small raspberry flavored Jello packages
1 1/2 C. frozen raspberries (12 oz.)

Mix pretzels, sugar, and margarine or butter together and press into the bottom of a 9x13 pan. Bake at 400 degrees for 7-10 minutes. Set aside and cool completely.

Mix cream cheese, powdered sugar and 1/2 of the Cool Whip. Spread in an even
layer on top of the cooled crust. Put in fridge for an hour.

Dissolve the 2 packages of jello in 2 C. hot water, stir until dissolved. Add frozen raspberries. Once it starts to set up, (which can take longer than you think), pour over the
top of the cream cheese layer. Refrigerate until firm.

Top with rest of Cool Whip.

Thanks Mom and Grandma!


Krista said...

So try this with fresh Strawberries :) It is soooooo delicious! I can eat like a whole cake of it my own. However I have to reframe from doing so lol.

Shelley said...

Great idea! I'll have to try that. Thanks!